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hisd gradespeed

The Houston Independent School District (HISD) exists to strengthen the social and economic foundation of Houston by assuring its youth the highest-quality elementary and secondary education available anywhere. In fulfilling this goal, HISD’s Board of Education has designed a program to systematically monitor the district’s goals and core values. The Board Monitoring System will report on each goal and core value on a routine basis. The goal currently under review is District Goal 4: Increase Management Efficiency and Effectiveness. What follows is the summary and results of the review of the HISD Information Technology department.

hisd gradespeed Application Student Connect

The Information Technology Department’s mission is to provide quality customer-centric services to the stakeholders of the Houston Independent School District in order to foster the primary goal of the Board of Education to advance student achievement and facilitate decision making with accurate and timely information. The main objectives of the IT teams are to provide information and technology solutions that directly or indirectly affect student achievement, the effectiveness of teachers and principals, and presents accurate information for data-driven accountability to optimize district performance. Additionally, program evaluations, student and teacher performance reports, and analysis of student outcome data are provided to schools, district administrators, and board members for data-driven decision making. The department is also responsible for providing service and support to schools, departments and field offices in the acquisition and use of technology to enhance student performance, ensure timely and accurate information to users, and provide quality support services. A major goal of the Information Technology Department’s plan is to ensure that technology strategies and operations support the overall learning process. hisd gradespeed The department supports all five of the Board of Education’s goals through critical outcomes and key strategies.
Goal 1. Increase Student Achievement

 a. Data Analysis and Reporting – Accurately analyze and report performance and effectiveness data to facilitate data-driven decision making.

b. Management of Assessment Programs – Manage rigorous standardized assessment procedures districtwide with the support necessary to produce valid and reliable assessment results

 c. Technology Integration in Classrooms – Provide applications and support for integrating technology into the blended learning environment. 

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